2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G ABS Traction Control Light

My Grand Prix has no ABS or traction control since the month after I bought it. I have changed the bearings/sensors (multiple times) and the wiring harnesses for the front. I still have a C0035 Code and no ABS. I feel I don’t need them since I’ve had this car for 4 years and haven’t had them but I’m so tired of looking at the lights on the dash (not to mention every time I start the darn thing it beeps at me a crapload of times to let me know the abs/traction/stability/tire pressure monitoring systems are not working). I just changed the front bearings/sensors for the third time since I got the car (might as well do it before the old bearings warranty runs out) and still have a dummy light. Anybody else know a possible fix for this? Am I just completely missing something here? Thanks for the help in advance.

Code C0035 is foran open or shorted circuit on the RF wheel speed sensor. Basically, the ABS module is not reading the speed sensor properly. If the sensor and wire harness have both been replaced, the problem must be deeper than that. You may need to see a professional.