Pontiac ABS problems


I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. When making a slow right turn (ie parking the car) the ABS will activate. I have had them activate even when not touching the brake pedal (accelerating while turning from an intersection). The dealership has narrowed it down to the ABS sensor or wiring harness, but claims to not have any codes to go from, so they want to charge me a diagnostic fee and not fix anything. I have the GM Major Guard warranty, which covers diagnostics when a problem is found. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the dealership to deal with this problem, what it could be, or know who the Regional Service Mananger is for Lansing, MI so I can contact them? Thanks - Mike


Update- Dealer called today, they are returning the vehicle to me at no charge, but with no repairs done because they can’t get a code off the computer for what is happening. Has anyone run into this before and have any ideas what would be causing this problem? The bigger problem here is that my extended warranty is almost up (another 1500 miles) and I have a feeling that may be contributing to the lack of help from the dealer. Thanks - Mike


Have they not bothered to insect the ABS wheel sensors?


Have they not bothered to insect the ABS wheel sensors?

It would sure bug me if they didn’t. Some vehicles have sensors that are somewhat exposed to the elements. Dirt or debris mucking up the works might account for your problem. Is it still happening, BTW?


Ha ha. Good catch NYBO.

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