2004 Pontiac Grand Am missing while idling?

When I start my 2004 Grand Aim it often seems to miss for about 30 seconds until I give it a little gas or go down the road a little bit, and then everything is fine. It only happens if it is when I first start the car. If I run somewhere and back out then there is no problem.

Today it really acted up and the check engine light flickered on and off. It was very wet today when it really acted up. Also I was parked on an upward incline. I was wondering if anyone could help.

Your car is misfiring. You need to find out what codes have been stored in the computer. National chain auto parts stores will hook up and read them for free. Write down the exact codes (e.g. P1234) and post them.

Replace you spark plugs & wires, air and fuel filters if they are even close to due. The wetness part certainly implicates the ignition system.