2004 Nissan Quest jerks when idling

I have 2004 Nissan Quest. It jerks while idle and go off. Scanned and have P0345 code. Bank 2 camshaft sensor replaced still problem persist and code isn’t cleared.

Here is what the internet has to say about that code:

With a P0345 OBD-II trouble code, diagnosis can be tricky at times. Here are some things to try:

Visually inspect all the wiring and connectors in the circuit
Check for continuity in the circuit wiring
Check the operation (voltage) of the camshaft position sensor
Replace the camshaft position sensor as required
Check the crankshaft position circuit as well
Replace circuit wiring and/or connectors as required
Diagnose/replace the PCM as required

Read more at: https://www.obd-codes.com/p0345
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Why does it say “tricky”?? Because it is a circuit problem and not a sensor problem.