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2004 Nissan Pathfinder Alarm goes off randomly!

Anyone have any advice about how to stop my Pathfinder from randomly spouting it’s alarm? Happens about once a day, I think it only happens when the car is locked but not quite sure. ANY ideas???

Does the alarm system have a “shock sensor”?
Many alarm systems do have this feature, in order to deter someone from putting the vehicle on a flatbed to haul it away.

If it does have a shock sensor, someone backing into the vehicle while parallel parking can activate the alarm.
I have even heard of some super-sensitive shock sensors being activated by high winds that rock the vehicle.

Shock sensors are frequently adjustable for sensitivity.

I doubt that’s what it is- had the vehicle for almost 2 years and this just started. Only time I’ve heard it is when I’m in the house and it’s sitting in the driveway- nothing happening. Also went off in a parking lot as I walked into a restaurant. Just does it on it’s on- no one around, nothing happening. Just started about a week ago, nothing else going on with the car. The fact that it’s just started yet I’ve had no problems for the past 2 years make me wonder if a sensor is bad, the remote is dying, I don’t know. But something has changed to make this happen- wondering what it could be? THANKS!!!