2004 Nissan 350Z AC knobs don't work

My air is on full blast as soon as I turn on the car. And none of the ac knobs work. I had to disconnect the wire from the ac module to make it stop. Not sure of the probleme

Without being able to check the electronics, my first guess would be a bad module.

It was working perfectly fine. It happend when I changed the radio out. Fuses are good. That’s what I was thinking it was.

Then I retract my module guess. My next guess would be to check radio installation. Wires could be Miss placed. Maybe put it back the way it was and see if it’s fixed. If so, you need to know what wire does what when wiring in new radio.

Me thinks that is a Clue . :thinking:

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I did that. I hooked the factory CD player back up and same problems still.

The only way to get to the bottom of this now is to have someone with electronics experience to check it out with a voltmeter and diagram. I would guess that you didn’t unhook your battery for the original work, and something got turned around in the wiring relating to the climate control module.

When I changed the radio the battery died. And went to get it charged and was told the battery was bad. Got a new battery and it’s still doing it. I think it’s the module