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Ford Escort 2001 Air Conditioner

My A/C stopped working and my mechanic indicated after recharging it (and it still blowing hot) that it was my air conditioner module. He said it was linked to other electronics on my car, which was typical of 1998-2001 models. Does this sound plausible, and how much should it cost to fix? Also, if I don’t fix it, will I have other problems?

Is your cars radio and AC and heating controls all contained a single “frame”? If yes perhaps this is what he ment by “linked”

I’d feel more comfortable with more detail before commenting. I’d want to know if the AC compressor clutch was getting 12VDC when the AC button is “on”.

If it is and the compressor is not engaging, then your problem is the compressor itself (specifically the clutch), If the compressor is engaging, your problem is elsewhere within the AC system.

If the clutch is not getting 12VDC when the AC button is pushed, then a troubleshoot back tthrough the system is in order. Has he checked the fuse? The relay?

I need more info before agreeing or disagreeing.

I will talk again to my mechanic, ask these questions, and come back…thanks for the responses…

I have a 2001 Ford Escort that I’m working on and I’m having a similar issue. The system has been vacuumed and re-charged with R-134a refridgerant (24 oz.), but the compressor will not engage. After doing some checking, 12V is not getting to the compressor when the controls inside the car are turned to MAX AC and the blower control on HIGH. The fuse is fine and not blown. I also tried to jump the pressure switch on the dryer and still the compressor will not get 12V. I did send 12V to the compressor manually (with the car running) and the A/C clutch engaged and cool air started flowing thru the vents. What might be causing my issue?

My a/c mechanic says the voltage isn’t getting to the compressor becaus the ccrm (constant control relay module) is deffective. I’m searching online where I can buy one but not having much luck. Any ideas where to look?

I have a used CCRM from a Ford Escort I’ll sell you. If you’re interested just drop me an email at