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2004 Mustang GT Air Conditioning

I have a 2004 Mustang GT.I turned on the air conditioning and smelled a rubbery burning smell.The air stopped blowing cold air and also the fan will only work on hi.I am guessing it is the compressor but why does the fan only work on high.

The fan works only on high because the blower resistor burned out. The resistor is what allows the blower motor to operate at speeds lower than high. The smell may have been the resistor.

The resistor is located in the ductwork, close to the blower motor. I’d replace the resistor before assuming anything about the compressor.

Does the compressor still come on when you turn on the AC? Is the AC compressor drive belt still intact?

The compressor works and the air is ice cold.I asked around and everyone says its the resistor.Thanks for responding.

Does this GT have knob controls or fancy-pants electronic controls (EATC)? If the former, you have a resistor assembly. If you have the latter, you have a blower motor speed controller.