'98 Mustang V6 A/C blower



Help! my 98 mustang v6 was vandalized last week. some##!#@ broke into the car, in my driveway, sat inside and took his sweet time to remove the nice radio upgrade I had just put in. Luckily, ugh, the thief did not break the dash. Since then, the blower speed button on the a/c only works on high. I turn the a/c on, and must turn the blower button to high or nothing comes out. Does anyone have a suggestion for me on what may be going on and maybe a fix?

thanks to all.


it sounds like your blower resistor has died.

i don;t see how any coorelation between $%^& who took the radio, but the symptoms you describe are the typical bad resistor diagnosis.

its around $25 for the part, and around one hour shop time to install. (unless you can figure out where it is, and how to install it.)


The high speed works directly from the battery and switch. For lower speeds the power goes from the switch to a resistor block and through one or another resistor before going to the motor. Likely one of two things has happened. The wires or plugs from the switch to the resistor block or the wire/plugs from the resistor block to the motor have come loose, or you could have had all the resistors go out at once.

Check for those wires and note, the resistor block can usually be found on air handler so the moving air can cool the resistors.


thanks cappy 208! I will try to figure out where the resistor is located.


Hi Cappy, just a note to tell you that the problem was the resistor. I bought it for $18.00 at the dealer and replaced it in less than 10 minutes. On my mustang, it is in plain view on the passenger side, floor board, just under the glove box. Thank you!