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2004 Mustang Coolant leak diagnosis?

My 2004 Mustang GT has been leaking coolant pretty bad. I’m not sure if its the water pump or the famous intake manifold leak
Can anyone help me out?

Link to a video that portrays it.

Thanks in Advance!

Lets see this may be the vehicle you rear ended someone with and also has electrical problems. Now you have coolant leaking problems. It sounds like time to have it repaired properly . It also may be at the point where there may not be an end to problems . Not all vehicles last for years or accumulate 300000 miles.

The accident I had didn’t even touch the engine, nor did it even get close to any of the engine components. It bent the radiator support which was already fixed.
The electrical problem I already fixed and was due to two headlight connectors not correctly isolated and touching each other, causing a short.
It is by far a bad vehicle with only 118,000 miles. It is in very good shape and this is the only problem that wasn’t my fault this car lmao.

Well coolant can leak from where ever it flows… Usually not hard to find a leak. If you damaged your rad support you surely had to have some kind of impact to do so… Just jarring the radiator can make them crack or leak…you dont need to wrap your car around a pole in order to spring a coolant leak. There are a lot of plastics involved here and they aren’t forgiving and or sometimes glued seams give way and weep coolant.

No way for us to tell you where its leaking from especially when you have all the clues anyone would need at your disposal… There are ways to figure this stuff out…you are simply going to have to open the hood and get comfy looking under it for where coolant is coming from. One clue is that your main pulley is now wet…so its somewhere from above that and on the engine side of things unless it is hitch hiking a ride across a rad hose. Again…you have all the clues to solve this.

None of us (Awesome as we Be) will be able to tell you conclusively where its coming from with the video you provided. If you have the V6 which it looks as tho you do… the plastic thermostat housing on your engine is a well known failure point. Just a thought.


The video did not take us under the car so we could tell where the leak is originating.

You’ll just have to raise the vehicle up a bit and crawl under to see yourself.
Could be the water pump, a leaky radiator or heater hose, or a head gasket.