2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport - water pump

Had a friend that broke down he said the car stop with no warning but I remember hearing the water pump making a lot of noise now the motor is seized I loosen the rockers to let the valves to close but crank won’t turn in either direction

Okay, I am not a mechanic but it sounds like your friend’s engine is toast. Given the vehicle’s age and how relatively few Mitsubishis are out there in terms of used engines, etc. it’s probably not worth fixing. Just my 2 cents.

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Did you first remove the accessory belt(s) and timing belt? If not, and if the water pump is seized, you won’t be able to turn the crankshaft either. Did you check to see if there is oil, and if there is coolant?

When the water pump failed, it probably destroyed the timing belt.

And since this engine is an interference engine. the pistons are hitting valves. Which is preventing engine from rotating in either direction.



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Yeah I did all those things but the timing belt wasn’t broke so I don’t think it has bent valves

agh, my first car! was so happy to get the 99 montero hand me down. forgot to change the oil and car broke down on new years eve, sorry dad.