94 Chrysler lebaron 3.0L rotor not turning

to day my wife was driving the car and she said it just cut off on her, when i got up their i check for fuel pump sound to make sure it was getting fuel then i checked for spark it didn’t have any so i switched the coil still nothing i pulled off the distributor cap and had my brother crank the engine and the rotor did not move i think that means the timing belt is broken but somebody said that if the timing belt broke on that engine then the engine is trash really need help on this on thanks

There are other possibilities but the timing belt is by far the most likely.

do u now what those possibilities are, i just install a egr valve and silenoid yesturday becouse it kept idling low and cuting off but that fixed that problem

Pull off the top belt cover and see if the belt is there and turning. How many miles on car and has the belt ever been changed?

When you are cranking the engine, does it sound normal, R-R-R-R-R-R, or faster and not evenly spaced? Like RR–rr–R-r? Can you do a compression test?

nope the belt has never ben chenged the miles r 160234

its dying becouse the lights were on while i got it pushed home, the cranking sounded normal i dont have a compression guage i can get one tomarrow and check each one, dont u just pill all plugs and install the guage do 3 to 4 cranks and get the reading do the same for all the rest and compare readings

Possibly a broken camshaft, broken distributor drive, sheared cam pulley. I have seen one Chrysler(Mitsubishi) V-6 break the camshaft and it ran fine once replaced. I have seen dozens of Mitsubishi V-6 engines strip the timing belt and bend the valves. Every Mitsubishi engine that I have ever seen with a stripped timing belt had bent valves. No exceptions. Some broke the pistons.

heres a pic under one of the covers

It looks like the belt is not even there from what I see in the picture. Did you take it off? If not, it seems to have snapped.

nope i didnt take it off i just removed the cover and thats what i saw

If that is what you found, then it is very bad news, unfortunately.

Personally, I would question whether it makes sense to spend the money necessary to open up this 16 year old engine and replace valves and some pistons–in addition to the cost of the belt and water pump–but that is a decision for you to make.

i was told that this is not an interference engine saw all i would need to do is change the belt

i just talked to the chrysler gut and he said it wasnt also so i think im good

If this is indeed a non-interference engine then you are very lucky–especially since apparently this belt has been in use for at least 16 years.

If you decide to use this same type of non-maintenance schedule for your next car, I strongly suggest that you buy another one with a non-interference engine–if you can find one.

The 3.0L Mitsubishi motor in the LeBaron is not an interference engine. Slap on a new timing belt, water pump, tensioner, and call it good.

mark may be correct. There is some contradiction among the McParts and the belt manufacturers but those that use the Gates belt # T139 are apparently free wheelers and a new belt would take care of business. Hopefully you’re in luck. What was your source on this mark?

Memory and experience, in this case. I believe I read it originally on Alldata when I had one come into the shop, but I have had them come in with failed belts/water pumps and never seen one bend any valves.

thank yall very much for your help i just got the car in the gurage today and will be working on it tonight or tomarrow,

and as farr on the timing belt i never new about interferences an non interference engines, i didnt now about the belt problems intell now this is my wife car i always had carburated engines this is my first fuel injected engine so im still learning, plus im self tought i learn by just doing it will soon be going to school for it i can do everything to a car except ive never messed with the inside of a engine, but you will never learn if u dont try, plus the first car i had i took it to a shop and they over charged me for stuff that wasnt even wrong with my car and it took them like 2 weaks so i do my own stuff now and family and friends

my first time i think im doing well, i have to take the bottom pulley off, any easy ways to get it off. here’s pix of my progress i did this not to long ago, and does that borrom cover pull right out or the bottom crank pulley have to come off first.

i got the balancer off, i just need to take off the water pump and tensioner, are there any other gaskets besides the water pump gasket