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2004 Mitsubishi Lancer

Hello all:

My daughter’s car was stolen recently and we are on the hunt for a new to her car. We recently found a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer.

Does the 2004 Mistubishi Lancer have a reputation as a reliable car or a lemon?


This is a 14 year old car, reputation means absolutely nothing . The vehicle will stand on it’s own after you have a mechanic look at it. Also Mitsubishi is circling the drain in the US if that is where you are.


Agree with VOLVO V70 about the 14 year old car.

I am not sure about Mitsubishi circling the drain anymore. Renault/Nissan has taken some ownership and they have new models in the sweet spot of the market and new ad campaigns.

I always suggest people go to and check out the reliability. This looks like it was a decent car but I would be more worried about the previous care and such. Did the previous owners change the oil or not? This could have been the best car ever when new but if it was beat up and neglected by previous owners, then you might have problems.

If you like the car, the price is right, and it looks to be in decent shape for what you are paying, then go for it. There are certainly worse cars such as those equipped with the Ford Split Port or Chrysler 2.7L engines. There are no glaring issues from what I can see with this model itself but if it was abused or neglected, the car in question might not be a good choice. Sometimes you can pickup decent older cars like this around here for like $300-500. If this is what you are looking at you don’t have much to loose.

I personally own a much newer Mitsubishi and have no issues. So far the maintenance I have had to do is basically changing the oil/filter and the air filter. It is going to get new tires before this winter sets in as well.