2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor Problem! HELP!

I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor 2wd. I noticed while driving the car when I get to about 35 mph I hear an annoying sound, kind of like humming coming from the tire area. While driving straight if I veer my car to the right the sound will stop but as soon as I straighten up the vehicle and begins to do it again. If I veer to the left the sound does not go away. We tried taking it out on dirt roads, new roads, every possbile scenerio and it still sounds the same. I took it in to be looked at and was told it was my front wheel bearing hubs, had both changed out and still does the same thing. It has new brakes, tires, and rotors. PLEASE help me figure out this problem!!

Thank You!


Did you have the problem before you got the new tires? I’m thinking a possible internal tire defect. That could be confirmed with a road force balancing machine.

Yes the problem was there before we put the new tires on. We live in Florida and went on vacation in WV to visit family and drove the hills a lot. Noticed the sound while driving back to Florida, about a week or two later we bought new tires, the sound started bugging me so I took it in. UGH I dunno what it is and no one else seems to know either!