2004 Mercedes CLK with stain in rear seat area --

My colleague’s '04 Mercedes has ivory leather interior. In the back seat area, the side of the seating compartment has a lightweight, mesh-like covering along the seat side (car wall) area. Her daughter spilled a cola between the seat and seat wall (car wall) and stained the wall area. This wall is covered by the light mesh and is difficult to clean without tearing the surface. Is there a cleaner she can try on the stain to remove it without harming the interior? Thanks!

If it were mine I’d probably let a pro clean it. A good detail shop will have the proper cleaner and tools to do the job right, and it probably wouldn’t be more than about $25-$30.

If she’s going to let the little ones drink soda pop in her Benz she should at least limit it to diet soda. Without the sugary corn syrup diet soda pop cleans up much easier.