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2004 Maxima

2004 maxima with 109,000 miles. Engine starts and runs smooth for about 20 secs, then the knocking starts. I was told that it’s the timing chain and would cost about $3,000. to fix. There is no oil leak. Was told that they could change the timing chain adjustment (or something like that) and this would cost about $260.00 an dif that does not work, then the timing change has to be changed and ther is about 10 hours of labor to do this. Does this all make any sense and is this normal?

I am assuming the bid to fix your car came from a dealer as it seems too high (lol), so I would check around and find the most trusted independent mechanic in the community, then have the car towed to him/her. This has happened to me twice- once it was the timing belt (different make car) and another time the oil filter had come loose, the oil was gone although the oil light didn’t come on, and that was a Nissan Sentra. Ruined my motor. What ever you do, don’t drive it.