2004 Lincoln Town Car’s security alarm goes off randomly

Security alarm goes off randomly at any hour. The Door Ajar lamp goes off and the lock/unlock switches activate randomly while driving.

I t would appear I have one or more door sensors that have gone bad and /or have a short in the wiring. Can a good mechanic fault isolate without replacing all of the sensors or suggesting a new wiring harness. ? Is there a way to COMPLETELY disarm the security system and the automatic door locks? I do not mind manually locking all doors. I use this old car only around town and I love it.

Disconnect battery. Place ohmeter across door switch. Close door and vigorously wiggle it while watching ohmeter to see if it changes. Repeat for each door. Once you find offending door, need to isolate switch from harness issue. But most likely failure is switch…

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My son in laws 2010 Fusion did this and my scanner found which door it was with a fault code.

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