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2004 Kia Sorento - can I drive after these repairs?

If I have my thermostat and gasket fixed,Can I drive my car

We would need a lot more information than what you have provided.
Sounds like you are going to have a mechanic replace the thermostat. Best thing to do is have the vehicle properly diagnosed prior to repairs.

This is an odd question. If it’s fixed, why wouldn’t you be able to drive it? Is there more to the story that you’re not telling us?

Sure , if you know how to drive and have a license .

With a question as vague and open ended, there is always something more.

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What was the original problem . . . ?!

Did the car overheat . . . ?!

After the job is complete verify the cooling system fluid level is correct, then drive your car normally for a few days, keeping an eye on the dashboard coolant temp gauge. If that holds steady, about mid-range, once the engine has warmed up, and the coolant level isn’t going down, and you aren’t hearing any gurgling noises, you should be ok.