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2007 Honda Civic Sdn - Overheating

my thermostat is going out. as long as i keep my heater going it stays cool enough. I need to drive 50 miles home before I park it. Will it cause damage as long as the temp stays down, for that distance. 2007 1.8l honda civic

No it is not. The thermostat fails open, not closed. You have another problem.

As long as the temp gauge stays out of the red you will generally be OK. But you need to take it to a pro to have this checked out. It could be easy, it could be serious.

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It goes in the red. When I turn my heater on it goes back down

Check if the radiator fan is working.

Yes, because the heater is like a little radiator.

You have a problem, if it overheats on the highway, it might be a bad head gasket. If it overheats only in traffic, the fan may be broken, if it overheats all the time, the radiator may be clogged or the water pump may be failing.

Take it to a pro for the proper diagnosis