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2004 Kia Optima doesn't work when it rains real bad

Kia Optima does work when it rains

Yes , and here are the ideas: Edit your post and remove profanity, remove the name and location of service place and just post facts.


Any ideas in how to fix the car !!and I’m stating facts that what happen too it

If you mean you can start your car OK, but when you drive in heavy rain it stalls, I would look underneath the front to see if a plastic baffle is missing…compare it to another Optima.

Thank you !!!

Had the '04’s gone to coil on plug ignition yet, or did they still use a traditional distributor? Anyone know?

Stalling only during rainy weather is often some part of the high voltage ignition system getting wet. One idea, in dry weather when it is running ok, see if spraying a little water-mist from one of those hand-held plant misters onto the spark plug wires, coils, causes it to stall. If so, you have a major clue.

Looks like plugs, wires, and coil pack: