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2004 Isuzu Rodeo - starts back up after reduce power light

Sometimes when I am driving my vehicle will act like the engine wants to lug down and then it will run a few more minutes and then lug down again and then the reduce power light comes on and the engine will only idle. I will pull over and shut down the engine and wait a couple of minutes and then restart it and it runs ok. Any idea what is causing this? Just replaced the catalytic converters and it still does this.

It is going into “limp-mode” and probably for a good reason. Im certain the check engine light is illuminated during this process. We would need to know what codes it is throwing…the codes will let us know exactly what the vehicle is trying to tell you.

Need those codes.

That doesn’t sound like the definition of that light. Check your owners manual and tell us what that light means. Do all the instrument panel warning lights come on when you turn the key from Off to Run? Do they all go off once the engine is running at idle?

Your driveability problem sounds like a clogged fuel filter or a heat-affected part in the ignition system like pickup coil inside the distributor - if it has a distributor.