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2004 Infiniti G35 shuts down and locks in neutral

when driving car seems to shut down and locks into neutral cant get out and wont go into gear

Do you mean the engine stalls (stops running)? And when you say it locks in neutral, do you mean the shift lever actually moves into neutral and it won’t let you shift into drive?

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Do you mean you can’t get the doors to open when this happens? I’d start by testing the alternator, battery, and the ignition switch. In the meantime google “how to get out of a locked car by breaking a window” in case you have to do that in an emergency.

This is a new feature mandated by the Federal Government… Working with the NSA the US Govt has been covertly installing this technology into all vehicles from 2000 on up.

You been up to any suspicious behavior lately? Seems the technology is working as designed and you are due for a visit from a few friendly agents.

Sorry… had to…