2004 Hyundai Santa Fe nightmare

I think the odometer has rolled over but I don’t know how many miles b4 it rolls over I purchased it in April and it’s been a nightmare ever since power steering issues converter problem I can’t get it to even pass inspection and it gets worse by driving it

Since the odometer has 6 digits capable of 999,999 miles, I serious doubt it has “rolled over” at least in any sense I can think of.

And to ask anything you need to make sense. How can you think it “rolled over” but not know how many more miles before it “rolls over”?


The odometer problem can definitely be solved, but will require a shop for that, b/c strict state rules on tampering with odometers. To protect car buyers. Instead suggest to focus on this: What problems does your car have that prevents passing inspection? Are you referring to an emission test inspection? Or safety test?

When mine hit 500,000.0, I stopped and took a picture of the dash. Dangled if I can find that phone anymore to prove it. I thought it would be neat if I could get it to 000000.0 but not to be.

With the proper scanner, the vehicle mileage can be obtained from the computer.


This OP was the equivalent of someone mumbling to themself as they pass you on the street.