Odometer stopped rolling - Do I need to fix it?

My 1996 Maxima odometer stopped rolling continuosly and what can I do to fix it? or should I even fix it?

This problem started around 97K milage. It will roll up sometime, but not always. Some days, it will roll up as soon as I start driving, but stops after few miles, even if I am continuously drving. Or it won’t roll up at all. So past month, it says I drove only 50 miles! But I know I drove approximately 500 miles last month.

There hasn’t been any major problem with my car. I had to fix my front bumper due to very minor rear-end accident. And I think that is when my odometer problem started.

Is this something I should worry about and try to fix it? I love my car and will most likely drive until it gives up on me, rather than selling it. Is it illegal to drive without a proper odometer?

Odometer information is covered under Federal law. You are not legally required to have an odometer at all. So you would not need to fix it. The problem with not repairing it is how do you keep track of mileage for scedule service? You also need to know that if and when you do sell your vehicle you will need to indicate on the odometer statement on the title that it is not the actual mileage of the vehicle.
~Michael (dartman69)

No, you don’t need to have a working odometer and you don’t need to fix it.

But if you want it working again it oughtn’t be too difficult. I had the same problem with my Mercedes odometer. I removed the instrument cluster, then the odometer. One of the gears that was supposed to be fixed on a shaft was spinning freely. A drop of Krazy Glue completed the repair.

Talk to someone who doesn’t mind taking things apart (and reassembling them).

Well there is a chance that the cable is loose at one end or the other.  If so the fix is quick and easy.  On the other hand it may be in the speedometer head and that could be expensive.  

 I don't think I would bother with most cars that old.  However you will need to figure out a way of estimating miles so you can continue to do the maintenance like oil, plugs, wires and filter changes

I’m not sure about your car, but it’s pretty easy to fix the mechanical odometers in VDO speedometers (benz, porsche, etc.). It’s usually something simple like a broken plastic gear. How long are you planning on keeping the car? How much does it bother you (stuff like that drives me nuts until I fix it)?