2004 Honda Civic - Noises/Groans

Hello, I have an 04 Civic with 82K on it. Same timing belt, not changed out yet. Doing that in the spring.

About two weeks ago I started hearing a metallic groan from the drivers side of the car. I got under there to check and make sure there wasn’t any ice built up under the wheel wheels and looked under the hood to see if anything looked unusual. Went on for a few days and decided to see my local mechanic, get the brakes and front end checked out. They took it for a test drive and put it up on the lift, but they did not find anything wrong with the car, and the noise did not appear for them during that day.

It’s been two weeks and the noise is back and becoming more frequent. Wondering if anyone might think it could be a bad belt tensioner or pulley. Maybe a water pump on it’s way to the great beyond?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A METALLIC groan?! Now that the sound is back, take it back to the mechanic. It’s the sounds which are not there, that a are the hardest to localize.

Thanks, I was planning on dropping by there again this week. I just am not wondering if it’s something other than the brakes or front suspension.
Last time they suggested that I must have had rock salt or sand in the rotors during the last snow storm. Possible but not likely the culprit.

Not sure in which order the brakes engage on an 04 Civic. Wondering if maybe it’s the back brakes that are the cause of the groan. Not sure if the front or the back brakes which engage first, but since it’s a front wheel drive car, I assume it’s the front brakes. It’s just weird, on another note, maybe it’s just a bad wheel bearing? It does seems to lower in volume and almost disappear once the car is warmed up. Either way I think I will drop by the shop again this week.