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2004 Honda Accord A/C blowing hot air on passenger side vent

I have a 2004 Honda Accord Ex/Navigation with 115,000 miles. Couple of weeks back a problem with AC showed up. If I leave the setting in ‘Auto’ regardless of the temperature setting (even for 58F) passenger side vent blows hot air, and driver side regular cool air. However in manual mode passenger side does blows cool air, but not consistent, at times blows hot air.

Any help is appreciated. I have not yet taken this to mechanic, as I am able to manage with manual mode.


You may be lucky. Open the hood and take a look around for small black hoses. See if any have leaks or may be disconnected.

Does it pump out a small blast of hot air when you accelerate?

Sounds like the blend door that mixes chot and cold air for the passenger is not moving. My car had a small electric motor that moved the door and it went bad. $80 to buy the motor and replace it myself.