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Strange A/C problem - 2004 Honda Accord LX

The A/C on my 2004 Accord has started blowing warm air out of the 2 driver side vents, but still blows cold air out of the 2 passenger side vents. It also occassionally blows condensation out of the 2 cold passenger vents. When this same thing happened last summer, the condensor and compressor were replaced within 3 weeks of each other. It is less than a year later and the same problem is occurring. Even more odd; every once in a while the 2 driver side vents will blow cold for just a few minutes, then revert to blowing warm air. The car does not have dual climate controls. Any suggestions?

Check this, look for the heater control valve under the hood, the one in the heater hose just before the firewall where it goes into the heater coil. With the heater control all the way to cold, see if this valve is fully closed. Have someone turn the heater control from hot to cold and then see if you can move it some more. If you can, then the AC should work as long as you don’t turn the heat back on.