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2004 Freestar New Battery, full power, won't even click till Air temp above 10-20F

 As the topic reads, I have a van with a new battery @ full power.  When you hit the key all the right lights come on and all interior electric appears to be working.  With this latest cold snap it has refused to even click till air temp above 10-20F, once it is van fires straight over and no issues till next morning.
 What besides battery could be that effected by cold, I am really at a loss.

When you hit the what?
What won’t even click?
Are you using a tele-type machine or telegraph?

is this a starting problem?
Try starting in neutral, rather than park (the van, not the aforementioned communication devices).

It could be a bad or dirty connection at either end of both batery cables. Or one or both battery cables are bad. Or could be bad starter.

The next time the engine won’t start, with the dash lights on, step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, the park-neutral safety switch/transmission range sensor is being effected by the cold.,2004,freestar,3.9l+v6,1431610,electrical-switch+&+relay,neutral+safety+switch+/+range+sensor,4584


Thanks for the reply. It has new cables and starter tests fine.

Tele-type machine of course…telegraph not clicking would mean a bad connection to the coil or a short in the coil. :roll_eyes:

Will try starting in neutral next time it happens. ( The van, does a tele-type have a neutral setting? It does have a park setting.)

Thanks for the reply.
Will try this the next time it happens. Hadn’t thought of the Safety switch as something that would be effected by freezing weather, will give it a shot.