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2004 Ford Mustang...Many Issues

I have a 2004 Mustang V6. I have been told that I need to get the ball bearings replace on the wheels. When I am driving it makes a loud womp-womp sound. It gets louder as I am slowing down.

Problem Two. When I am giving the car gas(it is a 5 speed)it makes a loud noise almost like it sounds when a muffler has broken somewhere. I don’t think that is it though. It made it before but not quite as loud. Once I get into about 5th gear it no longer makes the noise. I recently noticed the smell of exhaust when sitting at lights and idling.

Probably need the bearings. Womp-womp sure sounds like a bad bearing somewhere.

And, if you smell exhaust, I’ll be you have a leak near the engine. Probably a bad connection to the exhaust header. Give it the gas, and the engine will rock to one side, opening the leak. Let off the gas, and the engine settles back down, closing the leak, but not all the way.

Both of these are safety hazards and you need to get them taken care of. Its really not that bad for a four year old car. If the bearing is making that much of a noise, it could fail at any point and cause loss of control. Also if your exhaust is leaking you can get affixiated while driving.