2004 Ford Freestar

Issue with my car : At times it starts right away at other times it may take 2 to about 4 times to get it started. the first time it did it i lock all the doors and about the 2nd turn of trying to start the car it would start. my thinking then went to is it a security way??? I had someone tell me I need to reprogram the key. I bought the car at a used car dealer and he told me he didn’t know but perhaps it was security. Lately I noticed it taking more to start the car. and by the way it doesn’t happen all the time. 2004 Ford Freestart Help needed

Have some one check the fuel pressure. Sounds like a fuel pump.

Next time try leaving the key in the “run” position for several seconds before cranking the engine. That will give the fuel pump more time to run and pressurize the system. If that seems to help, it could be a fuel pump problem as knfenimore says.

I agree to jesmed’s post!

Leaving the ignition in the run position for longer than two seconds doesn’t help to reprime the fuel system. The computer only runs the fuel pump for two seconds and then shuts off the fuel pump when the ignition is in the run position.

In order to reprime the fuel system, the ignition switch is turned to the run position for two seconds and then the ignition switch is turned off. This is repeated several times so the fuel pump cycles enough times to reprime the fuel system.


Thanks Tester. I learn a lot from you!