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2004 Ford F-250 HOOTING

sup guys. I have a 2004 ford f250 that is making a hooting noise from the air intake. I have replaced the air idle control valve 2 times and that had fixed the problem for a short time but a week or two later the noise comes back. any ideas what could keep causing the control valve to fail, or is it something completely different.

And you changed your --unknown engine size-- air filter…when ?

Sorry is a 5.4L v8 with a one month old air filter

I can’t think of anything but dumb comments for this one, so I will stop typing right now. I didn’t say I wouldn’t start again. If I worked at the dealer I would say “they all do that”. I’ll save my other comments for the chess club meeting tonight. We’re conversation deficient.

If the IAC were bad you’d be experiecing erratic and/or poor idle. Since you apparently are not, it isn’t the IAC system.

Under what conditions is it hooting? Idling? only while on the highway? Only at certain RPMs?
Have you lifted the hood, revved the engine manually, and tried to tell where the noise is originating from?