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93 Crown Vic "Hooter" valve

A while ago, my Vic started making a strange noise when it idled. Sort of sounded like a water buffalo in heat. When you goosed the throttle, or drove it theoise went away, but came back at idle. It seemed to be coming from a hose that attached to the intake plenum, but it went underneath the back of the intake manifold. My mechanic was a bit baffled, so he called a friend at the local Ford dealership who called it the “Hooter” valve and told him how to get at it. The car is fixed, and no longer makes farm animals lovesick, but I still don’t know what the thing is or what is does… Can you enlighten me?

I’ve replaced a number of Ford Idle Air Control Valves for making noise like you describe.

Thank you sir, at least now I know what it was… However there’s an angry farmer that has 3 Holsteins that look at Highway 603 teary eyed since I had it fixed…