2001 Ford F-150 - whooooing sounds

there is a whooing sound coming from
under the hood. Sounds like air?

Why are you asking us if it sounds like air? You can hear it, we can’t. Air, by itself, doesn’t have a sound. Escaping air sound wildly different depending on pressure and flow. Soooo…

Whooing means what? Does it sound like air escaping from a balloon? Or a tire? Or a human goin g whoo? Or what? When did it start? Have you opened the hood to pinpoint it?

So you have a Ford F150… What engine? How many miles?

I’ve seen this before. You need to replace the Flair valve


But seriously, it could be some as simple as the intake hose from the air box slipping off.

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I bet it’s a Basset Hound, trapped under the hood. You should let it out. :wink:

Seriously, give us more to go on. Does it do this all the time? Does the pitch change with vehicle speed? What exactly does “wooo” sound like? A tornado siren? A slide whistle?

Check the connections between the air filter housing to the throttle body intake duct.

Ford had this same problem years ago where the plastic intake components would make that noise when air was rushing thru it.


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Probably the air intake, just barely possible it’s a bad bearing somewhere. Any body damage, as in possibly a tire rubbing?

It makes the sound all the time although when you acelerate it cannot be herard anymore. I took the air inlet apart and replaced

the air filter and inspected all parts of the intake and found nothing. It has no effect on the performance of the vehicle.

No big deal I suppose.