2004 Ford Explorer Max AC isn’t blowing right

the a/c works great, except the max air does not, it actually is blowing on floor also, is there a fix to take care of it?

Your description of the trouble is a little confusing. It sounds like the blower isn’t working on the HIGH position and the vent control is also having a problem. If that is correct then the blower speed control switch operation needs to be checked out for the HIGH speed position. The vent control operation needs to be looked at also. If the system uses vacuum air then perhaps just a hose came loose and needs to be reconnected.

When max A/C is selected recirculation is actuated. There may be a vacuum leak in the recirc vacuum lines or recirc actuator that is causing a loss of vacuum that holds the vent/floor actuator in position.

Check and see if the vacuum motor for the floor panel door is connected/functioning.


The lack of high speed from the blower motor could be due to a faulty blower motor relay,