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2004 Ford Escape frong passenger hub

Recently took my girlfriend’s escape to a shop to have the rear tire plugged. While there they pointed out that she needed new shocks and struts (which i knew) but they also said the front passenger hub was cracked. I pulled the tire and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary but it seems to me that they’d have to pull the caliper and disk to notice that kind of damage. Anyone out there besides me think the shop is FOS?

Ask them to show you the crack. I had a Ford stealer once tell me my differential was cracked, which is why it was leaking. “The mechanic traced the crack with a screwdriver” The “crack” was casting flash that created a seam line. No cracks anywhere.

How did you know it needed shocks and struts? also a common scam.High mileage,cupping tires,visible leak?