Ford Escape 2004



I hope someone can help me. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my Ford Escape since I got it in 2005. I guess I need to find a Ford “zone manager” but don’t know who or where they are. Does anyone know that or have any other suggestions? Thanks!


Could you give us a list of the problems, what has been done for them and their current status?


Thank you. I will try to remember each thing in order. First, oil leak. Fixed. (This discovered in the pre-purchase inspection by my mechanic). Next rear windshield wiper inoperable (no explanation why, but fixed). Then, new glass windshield (again, nothing to attribute to). This is followed by air bag light x 2, for which I still don’t know the problem but they tell me it’s fixed. I surely hope so. Check engine light. No answer to that. Driver’s side seat inoperable (stuck). Fixed. Rear shocks replaced. Recommendation at this time for new tires and brakes. Followed by tow in for what turns out to be fuel pump ($800 !). I think that covers it all. Spoke to Ford customer service people. They said nothing they can do. That’s it, I think. Will check records to be sure I haven’t missed anything.