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2004 F250 6.0 Diesel 4x4

I am interested in purchasing a 2004 F250 4x4 with a 6.0 diesel, the truck is from Georgia and has 130k miles. Can anyone have any historical information on this engine configuration or issues of the 2004 generation vehicle?

It is a 14 year old vehicle so historical info means nothing . Have mechanic look it over for around 125.00 that is the only way to see if you should buy it.

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You mention where it came from. Does that mean it isn’t currently near you? You should drive the truck and look it over thoroughly. This includes driving it in RWD and 4WD as well as a visual inspection in the cab, under the hood, all around the body, and under the truck if you can. If you still like it, pay a competent mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection as @VOLVO_V70 suggests.

The 6.0’s were pretty bad to blow head gaskets. Really common if an aftermarket tuner has been put on the truck. Apparently the head bolts aren’t particularly strong. Google “6.0 engine problems”. The aftermarket sells “bulletproofing kits” for this engine. Once installed, the 6.0 is supposed to be really reliable. I agree with having a mechanic check it out pre purchase. I’m comfortable buying a gas powered vehicle on my own - but a diesel, I’d want a second opinion. Diesel engines are great, but repairs get expensive in a hurry.

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Get a pre-purchase inspection and ask the inspector to double-check the gasoline fuel, coolant, and engine oil are keeping to themselves and aren’t mixing. Beyond that there’s a few recalls. Make sure those have all been done.

I recall internet discussions about failed head gaskets on the 6.0L engine but I suspect the hype was due to the method of accessing the engine. Car complaints shows very few engine problems for that engine.

Have you found gasoline in a 6.0 L diesel engine?

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The 6.0L Powerstroke had several design flaws, the engine was only around for four years. (2003-2007) It had head gasket problems, EGR problems, oil cooler problems, and the early ones had an inadequate number of head bolts. There were also ECU and injector problems. It was easily the most unreliable diesel Ford ever used in their pickup trucks. @Scrapyard_John is correct. You really want to buy one that’s been “bulletproofed”. There are outfits who correct all the shortcomings of the 6.0L, it’s expensive to have done (several grand) but once it’s done you’re left with pretty powerful, and reliable diesel engine. But there’s a reason why the earlier 7.3L trucks and later 6.7L trucks command higher prices vs. the 6.0L trucks.

Wasn’t there just a hurricane in Georgia, with flooding in some places?

This is one instance (the 6.0) where relatively low mileage would somewhat scare me. Engine is probably all stock at that mileage. Which normally is a good thing. Maybe not so much with the 6.0.

2004 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke? I’d pass.

And @FoDaddy’s post is exactly why. I’ve had personal experience with them, and am glad that I don’t have to anymore.