2004 explorer running poorly

2004 Explorer 4WD XLT 4.0 6cyl - Mileage is 117,000 - Check Engine Light came on - Pulled the code of PO193. Had the Fuel Pressure Sensor changed, Plugs and wires and check engine light is still on after being re-set several times? HELP!!!

Car is stalling at times when going from park to drive - It seems to idle ok in park but, when in drive at a red light, the tac will bounce a little and it seems like it’s not getting enough fuel and will stall out at anytime. Is there a fuel filer that can be changed? Should I have the fuel injection checked and cleaned along with a fuel filter.

Please heap, this is making me crazy, the way it is running. Seems to be getting poor gas mileage. Thank you for your help.

Lance Matteo

Millersville, Maryland

Did you (or whomever is working on the car) ever look at the actual description of the P0193 code? It refers, quite specifically, to a circuit. The pressure sensor itself is part of that circuit - but only part. Has anyone bothered to check the rest?

Has the code been read again each time the check engine light comes on? Or are you just assuming that the code is the same? Have the codes read every time.

Has anyone bothered to put a fuel pressure gauge on it?

"Is there a fuel filer that can be changed? Is there an owner’s manual that can be read? If you’re saying that in all of the time you’ve owned it and driven it that you’ve never even thought about the fuel filter before then one is left to wonder what else is a mess. Was this the first time the plugs & wires had been changed?