2004 Dodge Dakota - Moans in reverse

When cold, loud moaning sound from brakes in reverse, but now in forward also. It stops when truck warms up. Has gotten louder and louder.

May be somewhat normal if you’ve replaced shoes or pads with aftermarket or if you didn’t resurface or replace drums or rotors when you did the brake job. I’m assuming the sound goes away after a little use and the brakes work like they’re supposed to. Probably a good idea to inspect the pads/shoes for wear if you don’t know their condition. I have a car that does similar in reverse the first time you use the brakes in the morning, but doesn’t make a sound after that.

I imagine I could get rid of the sound with new oem pads and rotors, but it’s not worth the expense (to me). I used aftermarket pads and did not resurface or replace the rear rotors.

When brakes wear, and and the pads/shoes become thinner, any moisture on these components can cause them to vibrate.

That’s the moaning sound.

As the vehicle is driven and the brakes are used, it drives the moisture out these components and the noise stops.

Have the brakes inspected for wear.


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The moisture hypothesis makes sense to me… but what conditions of temperature change and humidity precede this? Cooling air = condensation of moisture.

Inspect your brake pads, shoes and rotors for wear. When were they last replaced? Brakes are crucial to vehicle safety and I’d check this out as soon as possible.

Does it look like this model?