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2004 crv

I just bought a used 2004 CR-V with 44,000 miles, one owner, looks like it was well taken care of. According to my google search, there is a significant history of compressor problems with this car. Any suggestions on what to be on the lookout for with this year model? Thanks.

The powertrain is rated very poorly for the 2004 model year. I have not researched the specifics so I hope others will post answers so we can both learn something. The only recall I see was an early one for the seat bag harness defect.

I would not worry much about internet “problems”. They will only ruin it.

I have owned cars with “internet” problems and never had any real significant problems with them.

Enjoy your car is my advice and forget about it.

CR shows “climate system” as the only black spot in an otherwise excellent reliability rating for the 2004 CR-V.

Don’t worry about problems that haven’t occurred yet. Drive and enjoy.

From what I have heard, there does seems to be a high rate of compressors failures on these cars. But The big problem is when the compressor in this vehicle fails it contaminates the system so badly that the hole A/C system needs to replace at a cost of something like $3000.00. To me that is about as serious a problem as buying a car with a known transmission problem, because the financial burden to repair either is about the same.

Since you have already purchased the car you should pay very close attention to the noise the compressor makes. At the first sign of the compressor becoming noisy stop using the A/C and take it in for replacement. Maybe you can catch the problem before it contaminates the system. The other thought would be to replace the compressor on a proactive bases before it fails like every 50,000 miles, but that is no guarantee either.

Did You Ask Or Can You Ask The Previous Owner If Any A/C Work Was Ever Done ? Does / Did The Previous Owner Have All The Maintenance And Repair Records For The Vehicle ?