Noise under my hood

Several minutes after I start driving in the morning, my car starts making a strange noise under the hood. It sounds like a motor running, or a strange buzz. After a few minutes, the noise stops stops. When it does, and if I’m stopped at a light, my engine jerks one time. The engine actually shut off one day, but I could start it right up. It does this once during the trip. The speed of the car or engine has no effect on the sound, but it stops if I turn the car off. If I restart the car, the noise does not return.

I think you’re going to have to actually pop the hood one time while its making the noise and at least try to give folks some clue as to where its coming from.

Some better description of the noise might help too - what can you compare it to other than “a motor running” or a “buzz.” Those descriptions are wide open.

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You really need more info. While it’d be fun to shoot from the hip, it won’t do anyone any good…
If you have a hard time detecting where it is coming from, invest $10 in a automotive stethoscope at sears. They allow you to probe around while you’re listening for your noise.

Of course, there is another thread here where someone says these weird sound problems can be solved with calculus…

Could be the engine pre-heater has a bad start circuit, and is coming on later than it should. It’s basically a blow dryer that pumps warm air into the intake to assist the initial engine warm up. See if you have a fuse for that, remove it, and see if it fixes that noise. If it does, you’ve found your problem.

See if you can locate it. There should be a couple fairly large (1-1.5") hoses connected to it, but there’s no real particular spot where they might put it. If you can find it, then disconnecting it would work instead of a fuse, which will probably shut down other things, too.

Ours was making a heck of a noise, and I found that the original pressed clips they had holding it together were failing. Once I removed it entirely, replaced all the clips with bolts/double-nuts, no more noise. Back to normal. The wife was happy, and I haven’t had to replace it. The dealer said it must be replaced. Yeah, right.