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2004 Civic LX A/T Issue BMXA

'04 Honda Civic. Bought at a decent price, replaced all suspension/brake/wheel parts, tie rods, etc. Then found out head gasket was bad. Replaced that, to find that the block was warped/cracked something. My fault, should have checked it better. Replaced motor with boneyard motor, working now… except…

Transmission won’t shift out of 1st, except if I pull it into 2nd. It will sit there and rev wildly out of gear. So, check fluid level, etc. Nothing. Car throws a P0730 - incorrect gear ratio. So I go through and pull the shift solenoids and TCC solenoid and clean the screens, although looked pretty clean.

So, watching live data, countershaft speed is matching vehicle speed. Mainshaft speed is all over the place. Shift solenoid A is holding “on” when its all over the place. ETR is 80-95% when accelerating, 7% when stopped, and over 100% when decelerating.

So, the fluid is new, because of leaking/drained out during motor swap, but very apparent no preventative maintenance was done prior to getting it. Has 213, xxx miles on tranny. Aiming at a transmission rebuild with new torque converter, but seems like it’s something more on a solenoid/sensor issue atm. Or maybe it’s telling me to rebuild it? Anyone have any knowledge of what it’s telling me?

i hope it is rust free and good paint. do you live in california or NY?

What does ’ BXMA ’ stand for ?

That’s the series of the transmission. Identifies it that it’s an automatic, not a CVT, etc, identifies the set up better.

Guess it’s BMXA, not BXMA, oops