2004 Chrysler Sebring Sedan

If I make a right turn at anything above a snail’s pace, my emergency brake light comes on and it chimes. Had the brakes checked and they are fine for now but since they are original, they will need to be replaced soon. The car has 50,000 miles. Recently had the cam sensor replaced and the dealership checked the car over.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Check the brake fluid level.

Brake fluid level is good.

Does the warning light for the charging system also light up at the same time?
If so, this combination of warning lights is a very strong indication of a failing alternator.

However, since the symptom appears to be connected with making a turn, I am more inclined to think that there is a bad connection in the wire leading to the float/sensor in the brake master cylinder.

Did You Check To Be Sure That The Parking Brake Has Been Fully Released ?


Do You Have ABS (Antilock Brake System) ?
Have The Wheel Bearings All Been Checked ?

The problem could be a worn/defective wheel bearing. Have the wheel bearings been checked ? A bad wheel bearing can alter the air gap between the ABS sensor and the tone ring enough to indicate a problem and turn on the warning light.

A damaged sensor or tone ring can cause problems, too, but the description you give that relates to the speed while turning makes me suspicious of a wheel bearing.

Have them checked. A bad wheel bearing can become dangerous.


Is it possible that your emergency brake pedal or lever is right at the edge of where the switch is triggered to tell you that you have the e-brake on, and when you turn, it’s nudging the switch and triggering the light? Try holding the lever or pedal up as you turn and see if it’s something this simple.