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2 questions for 2004 Sebring

Question 1:

2 times in the last 3 months the car has hesitated during acceleration from a stop sign. Both times the check engine light has come on and both times the code has checked out to be P0340 (Cam-shaft position sensor). It gives 3 options as tripping the code: 1) defective sensor; 2) defective wiring; 3) the timing chain/belt is out of time. I’ve called around for estimates on replacing the sensor, and the average is between $110 & $130. Does this seem reasonable, and is it necessary to replace the sensor? Should I investigate the wiring further, or just assume it’s a defective sensor?

Question 2:

Since I purchased this car 18 months ago, previously branded, I have had a problem with the driver’s seat belt sensor. When I first start driving, the bell and light chime for about 2 minutes, and then they stop. It doesn’t matter if my belt is buckled or not, it chimes for 2 minutes every time. I’ve looked at the fuse box and haven’t been able to locate a bad fuse. What should I do next?