2004 Chrysler Pacifica electrical problem

no power to parking lamp, side marker or turn signal. RIGHT FRONT ONLY. Other lights work normal and the rear right turn signal works, but blinks fast

Does the right fron parking light work? That should be on the same wire as the side marker. Did yo determine no power with a test light in the bulb scoret?

parking light does not work either. I have checked and determined no power to either socket. Headlights do work

thanks for responding

Well then you are going to have to trace back up the wire it bind the broken wire or corroded connection. I wonder if a connector plug at that corner came apart because while the parking light and side marker are on the same wire, the turn signal is not. How did you determine there was no power to the non- working lights? Test light or multi meter?

I used a multi meter to determine there is no power to the turn signal, parking light or side marker. i took apart the connector that connects the the head light pod and it was as clean as new.

i will have to trace the wire further and see where it goes


There are 3 ground wires going to the light assembly. Try bypassing the one for the parking light/turn signal bulb. In the 05 model, it is black and light green; it may be the same in your 04.

When testing for voltage at a lamp fixture, remember to try it two ways. One with the meter ground probe on the fixture ground, and the other with the meter ground probe on a solid chassis ground. If the fixture isn’t properly grounded to the chassis and you only do it the first way, it might show up as no voltage present. When there really is voltage there, just no ground.

Thank you for responding. I will try that

Thank you for responding. I did not check it to a chassis ground. I will try that