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2004 chevy malibu maxx - weird behavior

So I have a couple of problems with my 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx. The big one is that on first start up it sometime will start up and be really underpowered and it will act like it is slipping on ice or something as the traction control kicks in. Then in a minute or so, it will snap out of it and all of the lights on the dash will light up, at which point it drives relatively normal. The underpowered problem seems to occur when it is rainy out, but the “every light on the dash” problem is consistent.

I reset the computer by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery and pressing on the brake. I also had it hooked up to an obd scanner, which indicated a pass. Any ideas?

Is your “slipping on ice” sympton accompied by engine RPM increase? Indicated or observed?

It doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. I’ve also found if I disable the traction control, it will drive “normally” before falling back into the all light on the dash on mode.