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2004 Chevy Cavalier totaled for lack of $50 replacement gas pedal?

Not sure what category to put this in, but I thought I would bring it up here.

A friend of mine was recently told that GM doesn’t have a replacement gas pedal for her 2004 Cavalier, and doesn’t know when they will have any, if ever.

Here is her blog page on the issue:

Not sure what anyone can do for her, but GM seems to have her over a barrel.

I have mentioned having someone go to a u-pull-it, but apparently that’s illegal.

She could sure use the attention, folks.

Daniel Jensen

It’s possible that this part is back ordered. This kind of thing happens with every car maker now and then. It’s distasteful as can be but a fact of life and back ordered does mean waiting a week, month, year, or even infinity.
GM does not produce that part and if their supplier is no longer manufacturing it then GM can legitimately do nothing about it. GM would be as much up the creek as your friend.
I’m in agreement that a simple straight answer is best but many factory people do talk in circles.

I’m not sure where they’re coming from on this against Federal law to install a used part thing.

In all honesty, even repairing a faulty pedal should not be a major project although a new car franchise such as the Chevy dealer would likely not do this. Corporate GM would frown on that but an independent shop should be able to figure this out pretty easily.