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Help! What is wrong with my car? Should I just trade it in?

I have had my 2004 Chevy Cavalier LS since 2005 and 9000 miles. 50000 now. It looks new inside and out–repaired hail and break-in damage to windows and door locks and door. I have lived with some minor annoyances–fuel gauge, driver’s window, speedometer, automatic locks don’t lock car, only set alarm, check gauges light stays on, theft light comes on when starting car. There was a problem with the brakes–grinds when braking, coasting and then driving got so bad going around corners got that fixed. It is starting up again. The worst thing is on wet days or after days of rain the car won’t start. New battery, cranks but won’t turn over. Bright sunny warm days–all is well. One other issue–on one trip to town–25 miles–after about 10 minutes the car stalled. Waiting for help, about 10 minutes later–started back up fine. Decided to go back home. Did same thing 3 more times. Got home, now won’t start at all. Took in for repair. Replaced the lock cylinder-$550. Brought it home. All the same as before–not fixed–won’t start at all. Took back to repair shop–says it is the fuel pump because the fuel gauge doesn’t work. I am suspicious of that–drove my Chevy van for 10 years without a fuel gauge. What is wrong? Should I just trade it in. At these rates fixing the car will cost almost as much as buying a new one. I only get about 20 miles a gallon in town–not sure on highway. I may be soon driving 120 miles a day. Suggestions?

Take it to the local parts store and have the fault codes read. Post them here.

Based on the recurrant stalling, the year, and the make, it would not surprize me to find out that the fuel pump was failing. And an EVAP code wouldn’t surprise me either. Inability of the gas toank to breath in can cause pump failure, and that’d store an EVAP code.

I think based on the sensitivity to wet weather that you also have an ignition component failing. Any shop should be able to diagnose this.

Grinding brakes; if you got it fixed but it’s starting up again my first question would be how many miles ago was it fixed? Bottom line, it needs to be looked at. You may need new pads, one could be dragging, whatever it is will take a look-see.

The electrical and lock problems are, I’ll bet, all related to the breakin. Someone would need to start repairing them one at a time.

Honestly, you may want to start shopping for a replacement. Damage from breakins can cause all sorts of ghosts, and they can be a pain and expensive to get sorted out. That, combined with the overall condition of the car, would make me want to replace it.