1986 Buick Regal - Gas pedal leakage broken


I have a 1986 Buick Regal that is in pretty bad condition that I would like to fix up for my grandson to use when he gets his driver’s license. He is 15 right now. It seems to be reliable but has been neglected. I was going to take it over to get a tune up and smog test but couldn’t because the gas pedal is broken. Not the actual pedal but I am assuming to leakage to it. It did not work at all just like it was connected to anything. Does anyone know how expensive that would be to get fixed. I just put new brakes on it all around and got a new catalytic converter. I’m not in a big hurry to fix it up but just want to know what is ahead of me.

Thanks a lot for any advice, info you may have.

Yellow Punisher

Have you figured out EXACTLY what is wrong. It could just be a clip for the cable, or a new cable. I can’t imagine this is going to be very expensive. It’s a simple system. If however the problem is in the throttle body then that could be expensive.

No. I haven’t taken it into the garage yet but just wanted to get some possible ideas of what could be broken before I talk to them.

Thanks a lot!

It sounds like the cable just came undone from the gas pedal linkage. IF it just came undone you can simply bolt the cable back in place and you’ll be on your way. (I don’t know how much you know about it already but picture the gas pedal linkage as a ‘see-saw’- a metal bar with a pivot point in the middle. the gas pedal on one end and the throttle cable attached to the other. PUSH on the pedal and the throttle cable gets PULLed.) Where the metal bar and the cable connect is usually a clip of a bolt. Check that to make sure that it is still in place. If that is still attached then it is likely that the cable has broken. If the cable did indeed snap it is not terribly hard to replace and not too expensive either.

I’m not positive about the Mid or late '80’s cars but there used to be a “TV” or Throttle Valve plate. It is a bracket usually near the top rear of the engine that mearly holds the throttle cable in place. Follow the throttle cable from out of the firewall and into the engine bay and make sure that it is in this or SOME kind of holding bracket.