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2004 Chevy Aveo Stalling

I have been to 3 mechanics including the dealer and no one can re-create my problem.

While driving on the expressway at speeds of 60-70 mph after about 20 minutes the car will start to bog down and then stall. It will start right back up but then you can only go a mile or less and it will do it again. It has to sit for 20-30 minutes before it will go a longer distance. This is a daily event since we drive the car to work on the expressway and, of course, it takes 30 minutes to get there.

What I have done:

replaced the ignition coils (no change)

replaced the fuel pump/filter (no change)

replaced the throttle body (this fixed the problem for about a month or two. I had to buy a used throttle body because I could not find a new one) In any case if the problem is the throttle body what is making it go bad? I dont want to spend $300 on a new one and have it go bad too. If in fact that is the problem.

Have you gotten a check engine light? If it is stalling, there should have been one with codes stored. A code reader would give you the codes. Has anyone tried to pull the codes?

BTW, there can be a code stored even if the check engine light doesn’t come on. A code has to be detected on two consecutive drive cycles before it turns on the check engine light. You could have a pending code.

If there are no stored codes, I’d suspect that the computer itself may have a problem.